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Disable all your caching

This blogpost is a living source of tricks for Drupal Front-end developers that find themselves clearing cache manually over and over again.


Labeling the different update processes

Updatability of software relies on many different mechanisms and comes in many different forms each holding their own limitations. Lately, we have gotten the question a lot around how we could update components of Compony. This blogpost is intended to explain some different concepts of updatability in the wild. Having the explication of these different concepts under our belts will be needed to take this a step further as a community.

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Inspecting Composer and NPM's updatability

If we talk about Drupal theming, then we mostly get in contact with 2 package managers: Composer and NPM. This blogpost provides both an explication and a deep dive in to how they got build conceptually, so that we can learn from them.


The nuances of updatability

This blogpost labels the nuances, downsides, limitations and side-effects around different processes of updatability. This blogpost has the intention of clarifying the complex landscape of updating software, in a push for a good approach by Compony.


Compony and the climate crisis

Someone asked us recently if there was something that Compony couldn't fix. 

We thought long and hard about it... and it turns out that no, there is nothing Compony couldn't help fix. 

Caution this article might contain minor traces of satire and irony.


Cross Component Fragility

There are loads of ways of how you could link components together, but the way how you do this can bring issues or complexity with it. So let's go over what your options are.

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Getting started

Compony comes in 3 layers: the theme, the gulp & the platform

If you want to understand how to start with using these 3 layers, then this blogpost is for you!


How to update your downloaded components?

The answer to the question of updatability for Compony components is not a simple one to give. 

Therefor we will first explain the principle around which we built this solution. Next, will cover some good and some bad solutions around this principle. And finally we talk about how the current implementation of updatability of Compony looks like.


Secure components

Components are built by and for the community. How do we handle security within components?


What is Compony?

An opinionated kickstart-theme, Gulp setup and community-driven platform for Drupal.


Create a Compony-component

So how do we make a component self-independent so they are usable by others, or by yourself in future projects.