Contact for Code of Conduct

Mathieu Spillebeen is currently the contact for the Code of Conduct (CoC) and can be reached by all means you find appropriate on his website. Mathieu is currently the diversity lead of Frontend United and has received training in matters of conduct. 

Complaints are ideally conducted over email, but could also be done by any other medium you find appropriate. We ask you to please not send in anonymous reports, for authenticity sake.

A CoC is only as strong as the willingness and dedication of its enforcers. So please read what our responsibilities are, how we enforce our CoC and what we consider the scope for our standards to be.

His moral compass #

Mathieu is also the diversity lead of the conference Frontend United. Frontend United is a collaboration of international Drupal communities interested in Frontend and Drupal that yearly organises dozens of conferences in every part of the world.

Leading the diversity initiative on an international community, Mathieu blogged about their collective direction of a moral compass. While this blogpost was written in the context of organising conferences, nearly all aspects of it could and will be applied to handle reports of misconduct.