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module.exports = {
  gulpthemes: [
      path: '',
      with_styleguide: false
    // uncomment the following to enable it in multiple themes
    // {
    //   path: 'web/themes/custom/compony',
    //   with_styleguide: true
    // },
  features: {...}

This part defines the path to your Drupal-theme(s) you want this Gulp setup to run on. If you leave the gulpfile.js folder in the Drupal-theme, the path-variable can be an empty string: ''.

If you have multiple themes in your project, or if you want to keep your theme as clean as possible, you could drag the gulpfile.js folder out of your theme, and put it in the root of the project. In that case you will need to adapt the path-variable to point to where your theme is located. You can add as many themes as you want. (Blogpost: How to set up multiple Compony themes in your project)

For each theme, you can decide if it needs a styleguide in KSS or not. If this is set to true, then the usePackages.kss setting has to be set to true. (KSS is now deprecated in Compony)

Gulpthemes #

Options: Array of JSON-objects. Each JSON-object represents one theme, each theme should contain the keyed variables path & with_styleguide.

path: a string that points to the root of the theme relative to where the gulpfile.js folder is located.

with_styleguide: true or false.