Yes, there is an upgrade path for the Gulp-setup.

We will also make sure that you can update your Gulp and that the setup is backwards-compatible.

We still need to write the blogpost on how that would work, please upvote this issue on Gitlab if you would want this.

Yes, nothing in Compony hijacks Drupal in a way that it could have an impact on security.

We wrote a blogpost just for this question: How to create a Compony component.

When you contribute a component, we automatically create a repository on Gitlab. You will have rights to push to that repository and make changes.

Other people will be able to make pull requests for features that they seem usefull.

Yes, we wrote a blogpost on how that would work, and what the possibilities are!

Yes, in your head.

Errghh, we mean not yet. :)

Almost, we plan on supporting one version with VueJS available by default and one with React.

Knowing how enthusiastic the community around these JS-frameworks, please see the ticket here on VueJS and React.

Because we are different.

Compony's future is in your hands in terms of features.

If you would love to integrate [Flash] in to Compony's architecture, head over to the roadmap and find out if [Flash] is already on the the roadmap

If it is already already on the roadmap, upvote it, as we can't work on everything at once.

If it isn't on the roadmap already, be the first person to propose it by creating an issue, or even better: make the integration and create a pull request to the skeleton-theme!

Yes, but it doesn't stop there.

We are planning on paying the people that help bring this idea to life, contribute components, make pull requests to the skeleton theme, work on the Drupal side of things, etc.

So please, if you already earned some feathers on Drupal.org, you deserve the paying features for free, just make an account, and contact us afterwards.

If you only wish to use the community-built tools and not contribute a bit of time, we do ask for a bit of money, fair no?


A Compony theme doesn't rely on anything but itself.

The platform takes a sketchbook-approach to components. We wrote a blogpost for just this question.

(Brace yourself, an opinion is coming)

NPM promises something that is impossible by design: upgrade-paths for interlinked frontend-components. Have you ever updated your NPM packages, and deployed it to live on a Friday? I bet you haven't, because updating your node_modules is a nightmare. 

It's not a nightmare because of how NPM built it, the people there are quite amazing in what they have built. It's a nightmare because the concept of updating is fundamentally broken.

If we take certain decisions: like not relying on externally hosted code. Then there is no need for an update path. Every line of CSS of any component can impact every aspect of the DOM of your frontend. finding an upgrade path in there, is impossible, and you should let go of that idea. ;)

Currently we are only supporting Drupal 8, and we plan to support future versions.

For Drupal 7: we can make a backport if there is enough enthousiasm (upvote this ticket)


Because basic decency.

We are fully anonymising your data, but we are however tracking traffic, but we do this in a fully GDPR-compliant way with Glasslytics.

Compony is funded through the sponsorships and memberships.