Promoting your event

What is Compony? #

Compony is an open source project built by and for the Drupal Frontend community. Supporting collaboration around separated, functional, fully independent, cutting-edge, Drupal Frontend components. (Blogpost: What is Compony?)

Currently Drupal Front-end developers from across the globe are learning from our documentation and using our theme and components.

Why do we reach out? #

The value of a community is the sum of the energy of everyone involved. You organise a conference, which brings all of this energy together in to a momentum where the community can thrive. Compony does the same thing, we bring people together by facilitating collaboration.

Our proposal #

Become a country supporter 

Normally, companies can pay to become the face of Compony for a year. But for conferences with a heart on the right place, we are willing to give this away for free.

We would love to promote your event by making you our official country supporter for 2 months, together we are stronger than alone.

How would that look like?

We change the logo of the site to show you are our official supporter. So for example if we would promote DrupalCon Minneapolis, the logo would look like this:

DrupalCon Minneapolis

We also let you decide how our footer will look like. Decide on a few sentences and a call to action that you would like us to put there. For example, for DrupalCon Minneapolis, it could look like this:

Footer showing information of DrupalCon Minneapolis

Targeted visibility?

The world is a big place, and to give you the visibility you want, the Compony-platform is localised to look different for each country. This means that your organisation can claim your country and become it's official supporter.

But you could also play with this: if you would prefer having a reach in a different country then the one you are organising in: It could be more helpful to pick a neighbouring country where you would like to increase your reach within the community.

We hope by doing this that your event can reach even more people that would otherwise fall outside of your bubble. 

Can we offer money? is an open-source platform, which means that unfortunately we cannot offer you any money

However, we are willing to offer you 1 paid Compony account for a year (value: €140) to someone of your choosing. You could offer this however you see fit, as a contest or posting a guessing question on social media. :)

Visibility in the downloaded files

A big part of the functionality of the platform is collaborating on components. If a visitor from your country downloads a component, your event will automatically be mentioned as the supporter of the component.


We will also promote your event on some of our social media posts. 

Some requirements #

For you

  • Have a Code of Conduct 
  • Drupal and/or Frontend as one of the main topics
  • Don't have an all-dude lineup, (lol, it's 2020)

For us

  • A thank you on your social media.
  • Being listed as a sponsor,

Please refer to our branding page to download our logo find what text we prefer being posted on social media.

Interested? #

Let us know what you think! You can reach us on