Workshops and training #

We are experts in empowering other Frontend developers in writing better code, and having more fun in doing their job. We have classes from novices to seniors and anything in between. Tailoring a Drupal Frontend workflow that not only benefits speed but also re-usability and scalability. 

Workshops include everything from the principles of component-based coding in a Drupal-setup to porting highly custom legacy themes to a customised Compony setup.

The trainings are always flexible to the needs of the attendees and their direction can be adjusted to the subjects that pop up. 

Consultancy #

We are a team of remote experts in Drupal Frontend and all the grey zone that surrounds that. We usually start by providing on-site consultancy for a few days and then transition to working as a remote team to your needs.

Anything from full-scale projects to periodical hotline for questions, we would love to help.

Let us know what you need, how much you need of it, and we'll discuss what works best for you.

Support #

Do you have a team that could use a hotline to someone fluent in Frontend Drupal Development with or without Compony? We have a Slack-channel just for you.

We charge by the hour, so you can use it however your budget allows it.

Let us know what works for you, and we'll set up a hotline for you to be able to reach us on the go. We do [Skype or equivalent]-calls, screensharing, reviews, discussions, etc.

Visibility #

For you as a company

We are looking for 1 sponsor to become the face of Compony for each country! 

You could lead and support your local Frontend Drupal community.

Read more about becoming the local face of Compony

For you as a community event

For conferences with a heart on the right place, we are willing to give some visibility for free.

We would love to promote your event by making your event the official country supporter for 2 months.

Read more about us promoting your local event

Contact us #

Drop us a line on with what service you would like to speak to us about and we'll get back to you as fast as possible!